The Build Process

Here at New England Speed & Custom our work flow process is an organized guide line that controls quality and customer satisfaction. However, each project that comes to NES&C is different, not every project will go through each process. All work is scheduled on a first come first serve basis.


Before any sparks start flying, the first thing we do is meet with our customers. This includes a tour of our facilities and a sit down meeting to discuss build particulars. Once we get an understanding of your particular build style and preferences we move to the next phase.


At this time we review magazines, websites, pictures or even a sketch to get things moving forward. We discuss prices, time frames and your ultimate goals for the project. On large scale projects we require recommend a build sheet and a professional rendering of the project for the customer and our team to work with, so we are all on the same page.

Tear DownTear Down

Once your build has arrived at our shop, we start a tear down and an inventory of all parts. This allows us to start the build process with a complete knowledge of what we may or may not be working with. On frame off builds we require frame and body to be media blasted to bare metal and put into epoxy primer to protect it.


This is where the sparks start flying. We love fabrication and this is where the true magic happens. This phase typically is one of the longest to complete based on complexity and the extent of work to be done. It is also where projects come alive! This includes all heavy and light metal work.

PaintingPaint & Body

The “icing on the cake, we work with a variety of paint and body shops. Quality is the highest priority whether the job is large or small.


Once parts are back from paint and all the new parts have arrived, we start putting things back together. We do all our assembly in particular order for the sake of efficiency and careful handling of painted parts. This includes electrical work and wiring.


We use a variety of upholstery shops. This is dependent on interior style and customer preference. Final Details Once things are all together we double check every nut and bolt. All systems are tested on the vehicle culminating in a final road test to get our NES&C stamp of approval! Once certified it gets presented to the customer.

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